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    Forum Topics

    unbridled rage General
    Sanbimu watched the figure move around the kitchen briefly before he lost interest quite suddenly -- The host may have had an interest in Adam, sure, but he saw no need to fawn over him, pitiful appearance or not. He wondered if he could just go... More
    unbridled rage 15 hours ago
    twickedsprig General
    Hello! I’m Twicked and I’ve roleplayed online for several years on and off. The first time I roleplayed was on the old Offical Warriors forums. {rip those forums tho } I used to role play on amino for a long time but it proved to toxic in most... More
    twickedsprig Yesterday, 08:58
    Cringe Shower General
    I Have no plot whatsoever. The second I saw a fandom forum I made this topic so uh... Feel free to throw out some ideas and such.
    Cringe Shower Yesterday, 03:20
    flowerchild Multi
    The surrounding wooded area begins to die down as the moon rises up to meet the night sky. The pale circle shining along with the glitter of the stars that blanket the darkness. This casts down a natural light throughout the area. The sounds of... More
    flowerchild Yesterday, 03:13
    Cringe Shower General
    The more I spend time on the internet, the more i realize how depressing the poems are. anyways. I wrote this poem about a year ago. Ill try my best to remember it. Its not exactly like the original but I still hope it got the point across... More
    Cringe Shower Yesterday, 03:12


    Not Literally Multi
    The Selection - Reginald - 1715 wordsAll over the ... more
    Not Literally Multi
    Post-Apocalyptic - Alex and Sam - 1241 wordsThe su... more