LGBTQ+ Chill Zone
This is a small group of LGBTQ+ citizens who come here, not worrying about getting laughed at because of this sexuality/gender. Feel free to say your sexuality/gender, and maybe even make a few friends while you're at it!
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Mystic Falls
Over 1,000 years ago during the Viking era, a family heard of a mystical land from which the inhabitants were blessed with the gift of speed and strength. Desperate to leave the place they currently lived due to the plague and death of a child, they moved to this land where they lived among the spec...
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Beyond the Fold
Magnus always knew he was different, and that there was more to the world than everyone else could perceive. It wasn't until he turned sixteen, that the voices started to talk to him, voices from beyond the fold. They begged for him to join them, beyond where humans could go normally. Did this mean ...
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Natures Epidemic
On the day it happened, Nature suddenly took over, it was announced that scientists were studying and developing a liquid that wasn't harmful to humans, but would help humans in a more echo friendly way, however one of the scientists who was working on the project accidentally dropped the vial, as i...
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Bebo Roleplayers
Find your old roleplay friends from bebo here and find new ones as well. Discuss why you loved Bebo and relive the experiences that made bebo great to you. Let us know everything we can do to make this site as great as bebo used to be!
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The trials of a kitsune and her adventures in the human world
Welcome and thank you for visiting! Here you can help develop my oc and help her along her journey in the human world.   Kaitlyn Kanabe was born to a kitsune and a demon, but she wasn’t the only one born to her parents that day. Kaitlyn is one of three children born that day. Kaitlyn i...
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Myspace Roleplayers
Find your roleplay friends from myspace and new roleplay friends! Discuss what made myspace a great place to roleplay and why you liked it and relive the past! Help us make this site as great as myspace was for roleplaying~
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